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Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery

43 Mamre Rd

St Marys NSW 2760 


Meet the Team

We have a very experienced, dedicated, caring and compassionate, friendly and stable team, determined to provide the best veterinary service we can to you whenever you visit or stay with us at Mamre Road Vets.



Dr Richard Miller BVetMed

Full Time Vet

Dr Chris Dowey BVSc.

Full Time Vet

Dr Jacqui Boyd BVSc.

Part Time Vet






Hayley McGown

Practice Manager; Senior Nurse

Nicole Doran

Senior Nurse

Trish Keating

Senior Nurse

Amanda Dunscombe

Senior Nurse

Reannon Eason

Junior Nurse

Jenna Smith

Junior Nurse



Support Staff



Head of Indoor Security

Sadly, our small but mighty little Sasha passed away after a short illness on 16th November 2015. Her bravery, spirit and will to live were an inspiration to all of us. We are glad she was lucky enough to be loved by so many during the time she had with us.


Head of Backyard Security; Puppy Preschool Instructor

"I had neck issues when I arrived, but I’m OK now as long as I take my meds. I’m quite a blunt tool but I love food and playing with kids and puppies"


Pest Control; Head Pest

"I had no issues when I arrived. I cast my spell over Haley, who loves me, so I could stay. Now I just do as I please which usually involves making a nuisance of myself."


Head of Waiting Room Entertainment

"I arrived when I was too young to fly. I used to be called Fergus but quickly became Fergie when I laid an egg. I like to try to talk to people in the waiting room, and splash them when I’m having a bath"


PR Team

"I was the only puppy ever to fail Puppy Preschool. I’m still totally disobedient and just like doing things my way...slowly!"


PR Team

"I just kept growing and sometimes get mistaken for a small horse. I actually produce enough saliva to digest a small horse every day and like to share it with everyone."