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Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery

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FAQs & Info

Below you will find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and some other Information you may find interesting.

If you have a question that isn't covered here, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us with your enquiry.





  Charles wrote in: “Do I need an appointment to come and see you guys?”

Nurse Nicole replied: “Hi Charles, you do need an appointment if you want to come in for a consult we are open 9am-12pm and 4-7pm weekdays, 9am-1pm Saturdays and 9am-12pm Sundays or if you need a home visit. In an emergency you can come in any time we’re open.”

  Dennis called and asked: “How many vaccinations do I need and at what age?”

Nurse Amanda answered: “Ideally, Dennis, you should get 3 vaccinations as a kitten. It’s best to have the 1st at 6-8wks old, the 2nd at 10-12wks old and the last at 14-16wks old. Then it’s yearly and we send you a reminder in the mail when it’s due. If you’re going to be outdoors at all, we also recommend vaccination against AIDs as well as the standard Flu, Enteritis and Chlamydia.”

Hulk and Hercules got Thor to phone us and ask: “When should we be immunised?”

Nurse Haley replied: “Your 1st one should be given at 6-8 weeks old, then 2nd at 10-12, then 3rd and Final at 14-16wks old. Make sure you stay at home until a week after your final one guys, and ask your family to enrol you in Puppy Preschool when you're 8-14wks old so you don’t get into any trouble when you are older.”

  Rascal and Innocent both dropped in and asked: “Do we need to be microchipped and registered with Council?”

Nurse Kenny told them: “Yes, both you guys do need to be microchipped by law. Wait until you’re desexed at 4mths old for cats and 5-6mths for dogs to get registered with Council though, it makes it a lot cheaper.”


 Henrietta and Frank asked: “Are you guys open after hours or on Public Holidays?”

Nurse Jenna informed them: “Sorry guys, we’re not. Check our contact page or phone message for details of where to go or get advice in emergency after hours. We will be back on duty at 8am every day during the week and 8.30am on weekends, except for Public Holidays.”


  Pythagoras enquired: “I’ve been doing some sums and budgeting. Do I have to pay at the time of consultation?”

Nurse Trish (our accounts lady) answered: “Yes, ordinarily you do Py. We do offer payment options for larger accounts though. Vetpay is a great resource to use for big and unexpected visits.”

Errol wrote in to ask: “Do you give Pensioner discounts?”

Nurse Sarah replied: “Yes we do Errol, 10%.”

Pommie got on the dog and bone and asked: “My Master is nearly as old as me and doesn’t drive now. Do you do home visits?”

Nurse Haley replied: “Yes we do sir, when we have the time. Make sure you call asap to make an appointment.”

   Spock and Kirk phoned to say Scotty couldn't fix the teleporter because "she's breaking up Captain" and asked: "McCoy is sick, can you give him a lift to your surgery?"

Nurse Jenna answered: "Yes, we usually can guys, at warp speed, as soon as a nurse is free. A $30 fee applys,"

  Tiny emailed us to ask: “Is it true you put on weight after desexing?”

Nurse Haley answered: “Partly. Your body does use fewer calories once you’re desexed, but that’s no excuse, you are eating too much Tiny! You should eat a bit less food after desexing so you don’t put on weight.”

Einstein told us he was worried because: “My family reckon more poo comes out of me than food goes in. Is this possible?”

Dr Chris reassured him: “Albert, as you well know, the laws of physics dictate, matter can neither be created nor destroyed, so, no it’s not possible. You’re probably eating a ‘high residue’ diet so relax dude.”

  Odin emailed us: “I like hunting and sometimes get in street fights. Can I get crook?”

Nurse Nicole wrote back: “Yes Odin, even though you might rule Asgard and you’re brave, wise and a good hunter, you can get electrocuted by hunting certain types of mice and you can catch serious infections including AIDs from fighting. Best to stay out of the office and indoors at night, mate.”