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Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery

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“We firmly believe any of you not wanting to breed and have babies should seriously consider asking your family to consider having you desexed. It sounds a lot worse than it is, and you get a lot of health and other benefits when it’s done. It’s a very safe procedure for boys and girls, in experienced hands, and with only a day in the hospital and take home pain relief, you hardly know it’s been done.


We believe 5-6 months old is the best age for you to have it done, the surgery is easiest at this age and you heal and recover quickest when you’re young. It is, however, never too late and you still benefit from reduced risk of prostate problems and some cancers for boys, and uterine infections and breast cancer for girls, whatever age you have it done.”




0-5Kg - $275.00

5-10Kg - $285.00

10-20Kg - $305.00

20-30Kg - $325.00

30-40Kg - $350.00

40Kg and over - $395.00


Surcharges apply if only one or no jewels have dropped into the pouch.



0-5Kg - $345.00

5-10Kg - $365.00

10-20Kg - $380.00

20-30Kg - $400.00

30-40Kg - $435.00

40Kg and over - $480


Surcharges apply if ‘in season’, pregnant or obese.


Any surcharges will always be discussed with your family when they make the appointment.



Boys: $140.00


Girls: $230.00


Surcharges may apply if boys don’t have both jewels descended or girls are ‘in season’ or pregnant.


Remember boy cats reach puberty around 5 months old and girls can become pregnant as young as 5 months old.