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Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery

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Blood Tests

(In House)

Pre- Anaesthetic Profile: $90

Because we know you can’t tell your family exactly how you are feeling before your anaesthetic, we strongly recommend we run this test to make sure it is safe for you to be anaesthetised before we proceed. Modern anaesthetics are very safe though, and we always give you a good check-over before any procedure, so it’s not essential. It definitely becomes more important as you get older.


Diagnostic Health Profile: $200

This test looks at you on the inside and helps us work out what is wrong when you’re not feeling well and we can’t work it out from talking to your family and checking you over. Sometimes we need to send blood to the laboratory for more specialised tests if those can’t be performed with our equipment.


Heartworm Test: $74.50


Feline AIDS and Leukaemia Virus (FIV & FeLV) Test: $74.50