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Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery

43 Mamre Rd

St Marys NSW 2760 


Basic Fees

“We have to charge fees for what we do so we can maintain the service to you. None of us here do it primarily for the money and we conduct ourselves and the business accordingly.


We believe our fees are very reasonable considering the quality and the value for money of the services we provide. You are guaranteed to be cared for by a very experienced and skilled team, using modern technology and equipment, whenever you visit Mamre Rd Vets.


We’d love to have a brand new hospital but that is very expensive and we can do just as good a job in the building we’re in anyway. This helps us keep our fees so reasonable, and the place has a certain charm and character about it!


Below you’ll find our fees for basic services. Please ask a family member to give us a call or email.


 Contact Us if you have an enquiry regarding more complicated matters.”


"I go to Mamre Road Vets because I know I can trust them not to overcharge or overservice me."



We are open for consults from 9am til 12noon 7 days a week, and from 4pm to 7pm weekdays when you do need to ask a family member to make an appointment.

We accept emergencies any time during our opening hours and these naturally will be given priority attention.

During consults we are able to discuss any and all aspects of your health and wellbeing, and advise and treat accordingly. If you are healthy, we try to keep you that way, if you are not, we'll do whatever we can to make sure you become so.


Standard - $74.50

2nd Pet - $59.50

Sunday - $96.50

House Visit - $120.00

Repeat consult - $57.50

Birds/Rabbits/Exotics - $59.50

Clip Nails/Wings - $28.50



This is a legal requirement for cats and dogs.


Microchipping and Registration: $59.50

Discounts are given for litters.


Vaccinations are essential for you to avoid common deadly contagious infections throughout your life.

As puppies and kittens, you need 3 vaccinations starting at 6-8wks old to gain guaranteed protection.

As adults, you require annual booster vaccinations to maintain your immunity.



C3 - $99.50  (Distemper, Hepatitis, PARVOVIRUS)

C5 - $114.50  (Distemper, Hepatitis, PARVOVIRUS, Kennel Cough)

C7 - $147.50 (Distemper, Hepatitis, PARVOVIRUS, Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis, Coronavirus)


F3 or F4 - $99.50  (Infectious Enteritis, CAT FLU, +/- Chlamydia)

FIV - $84.50  (Feline AIDs)

F4 + FIV - $142.50

Discounts are given for multiple pets and litters

Rabbit: RCV - $59.50
Ferret: $92.50


“I go to Mamre Rd Vets because I know I can trust them not to overcharge or over-service me”

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