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Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery

43 Mamre Rd

St Marys NSW 2760 


About Us

"Dr Richard has owned the Mamre Road Veterinary Surgery for more than 28 years now. It operates from a quaint 1940’s converted little cottage nestled under the shade of a massive Gum tree. It may not look high tech on the outside but it is on the inside. The feel inside is more like a friendly cottage industry of old rather than a scary modern hospital with no character. They are very well resourced with modern equipment and gadgets to allow them to look after me and provide me with a very high standard of care should I ever get sick or injured.  I always feel welcome when I come here and the nurses always make a big fuss of me. They concentrate on friendly, trustworthy, good old-fashioned customer service."

"We really like all the staff. All the vets are very experienced, the full-timers Dr Richard and Dr Chris have both been vets for over 25 years, and the part-timer Dr Olga has 20 years experience. Dr Richard really likes surgery and Dr Chris, also a very good surgeon, is a fountain of knowledge regarding medicine and medications so they work really well together. We’re always confident we will get an excellent standard of care when we go there, whatever is wrong with us."

"OMG, I just love all the nurses. The senior and the junior nurses are all really caring and compassionate and obviously do it because they love it and believe in what they do. They all work really well together, supporting each other and make it much easier for me to relax when I’m there."

"The whole team has been together for many years now and I really like that I get to see the same friendly faces when I go there each time. I really feel like I’m treated as a friend or family rather than just another patient or naughty kitten."